The Panek Family

Nipapan Panek moved to the United States from Thailand in 1991. Shortly after moving here Nan had twin girls, Tia and Tina. When Nan became a parent, she decided to make education a priority for herself and her daughters. She enrolled in Nursing School and set a goal to pursue a career in the medical field. Nan graduated nursing school and worked for many years as a dialysis technician, and later became a hospice aide. Nan made sure to instill the importance of education in her daughters, and they both excelled in school. Both Tina and Tia attended the University of Florida where they recently graduated. Nan moved into her Habitat home in 2009 and says that the stability of homeownership has left a positive and lasting impact on her family. Nan is extremely proud of her Habitat home and says that she maintains it very well. Nan has repainted, and has added many plants to make her house feel like home. Nan says that she strives to make her home look the best on the block!

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