The Morales Family

Cristall Morales is the single mother of 14-year-old Malik, 10 year old Jeremiah, and 11-year-old twins Cameron and Kimora. Over six years ago, before Cristall applied for the Habitat Homeownership program, she was working as a sales consultant at Sally’s Beauty Supply. Cristall was constantly moving from apartment to apartment, often living in extremely overcrowded conditions. Her children changed schools three times within two years and were having academic difficulties. Cristall longed to be able to set down roots and provide her children with the stability that she knew they needed to thrive, but did not have the means to purchase a home on her own. When Cristall learned about Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County through a friend, she immediately applied for the program, hoping that this would be the answer to her prayers. Cristall was ecstatic to learn that she was approved for homeownership and that her home would be built in the City of Lake Worth. In February 2018, the Morales Family celebrated their 5th year as Habitat homeowners. Shortly after moving into her Habitat home, Cristall was promoted to the position of shift manager, and has since worked her way up to become a store manager. Cristall’s store has been performing so well that she won a corporate sales competition and was awarded an all-expense paid vacation to Jamaica for her and her family! Cristall’s children have settled into their new schools and are now doing extremely well. Cristall was able to enroll the children in tutoring classes to catch them up to grade level in the areas that they were struggling.

“Malik is now in high school and is talking about going to college. Five years ago, I had to fight every day to get him to go school. Not to mention the battles we had about homework. I never thought that he would set the goals for himself that he now has. I thank this home for that.” –Cristall


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