The Francisco Family

Marianela Francisco moved into her Habitat home in Greenacres in 2004. Marianela has worked for the past 15 years at News Media Max and is the single mother to five sons. In 2011 Marianela was diagnosed with cancer. Because of her affordable monthly mortgage payment, Marianela was able to take time off of work when needed to focus on her health. Throughout her treatments Marianela stayed active and is currently healthy. Marinanela thanks God for the opportunity to own a Habitat home. Owning a home allowed Marianela to provide stability for her children and allowed her to set an example for them. All five of her children have graduated with a bachelor’s degree, and four of them have purchased their own homes.

  • Lex, 25 years old- Cooper Union College, Bachelor of Fine Arts: Visual Arts
  • Dehlis, 27 years old- Penn State University, Bachelor of Science: Information Technology
  • Braley, 29 years old- Penn State University, Bachelor of Design: Web Design
  • Omar, 30 years old- Florida Atlantic University, Bachelor of Science: Management Information Systems
  • Denley, 32 years old- Lynn University, Bachelor of Science: International Business Management

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