Thrivent Builds

Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County has been awarded $57,000 from Thrivent Financial to build a home in West Palm Beach.

From the national partnership’s inception in 2005, Thrivent Financial and its members have now committed more than $200 million and more than 4 million volunteer hours.

The funding is part of an ongoing partnership between Thrivent Financial and Habitat for Humanity International, called Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity. Through the partnership, Thrivent members, Habitat affiliates and others partner with families across the U.S. and around the world to provide affordable housing and stronger, generous communities.

“Working in partnership with Thrivent to build or repair homes is an inspiring experience,” said Bernard Godek, Chief Executive Officer of Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County.  “Their generous donations and dedicated volunteers help us to fulfill our mission of building homes, communities and hope.”

Thrivent Financial is committing $12 million nationally to the 2014 partnership. From the partnership’s inception in 2005 through 2014, Thrivent Financial and its members have now committed more than $200 million and more than 4 million volunteer hours across the globe.

The funding will be used to serve families and mobilize volunteers through three programs within the Thrivent Builds partnership: Thrivent Builds Homes, Thrivent Builds Worldwide and Thrivent Builds Repairs.

  • Four Thrivent Builds Homes will be built this year in the state of Florida. Since the beginning of the partnership and including the homes for 2014, more than 2,000 Thrivent Builds Homes will have been built across the country.
  • Through the Thrivent Builds Repairs program, Thrivent members and others demonstrate generosity as they help repair existing homes in partnership with families who don’t have the resources or ability to make the repairs themselves.
  • Thrivent Builds Worldwide allows Thrivent members and others to give financially and volunteer their time as they travel to international or domestic locations for a week or more at a time to build Habitat homes and experience other cultures. Locally, Sarah J Davis CFP®, a financial representative with Thrivent Financial, will be leading a trip to Mindoro Island, Philippians in April 2015.

Thrivent Financial remains the largest non-governmental supporter of Habitat for Humanity International.

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