weitz construction academy

the spirit of collaboration

Partnership and collaboration are a part of our core values. One of our most successful partnerships is with Weitz Construction and Seminole Ridge Community High School. Together we have created a program that not only benefits our future homeowners, but the students who participate.

The Weitz Construction Academy at Seminole Ridge High School was conceived to address Palm Beach County’s need for meaningful vocational education that would inspire students to complete high school whether or not they planned to pursue traditional higher education. The program has been a success. The graduation rate at Seminole Ridge has been consistently higher than that of the school district and state and program staff report that no student involved with the Construction Academy has ever dropped out of high school.

Students who complete the program graduate with valuable industry certifications, as well as real world skills and experience that gives them a distinct advantage as they begin their careers or continue to pursue further education.

To date, six homes have been completed and the seventh is nearly ready to transport and install on its permanent foundation.

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