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the need for affordable housing

Housing instability — including frequent moves, overcrowding, and the threat of eviction or foreclosure — creates stress, depression and hopelessness for far too many families.

Adults living in housing that they struggle to afford often describe themselves as less healthy, and the well-being and development of of children is compromised by living in insecure housing.

Families paying a percentage of their income for housing often find themselves making impossible choices. Rent or health care? Food or transportation?

A decent and affordable place to live helps families break this cycle and find new opportunity, increased confidence and self-reliance. A family’s partnership with Habitat means they have a stable place to live and spend time together. An affordable mortgage means they have a chance to create savings and invest in their education. A decent roof over their heads establishes home as a place that protects — instead of endangers — their health.

Habitat works with families to help them acquire the skills and financial education necessary to be successful homeowners. By partnering with us, families seize the opportunities represented by decent, affordable housing.

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